Efficient Production

FRANZ VEIT NORDIC A/S is a subsidiary of the German FRANZ VEIT group, a major manufacturer of paper products for POS, payment systems and industrial processes. FRANZ VEIT is today operating Europes newest and biggest production facility for paperrolls, utilizing state of the art machinery. The company has been in the market for more than 100 years and has today a stronger than ever position, servicing customers world wide from the heart of Europe.

The Scandinavian Market

FRANZ VEIT A/S is responsible for the marketing of paper products in Scandinavia, where customers are serviced from an office in Denmark and warehouses in Denmark and Sweden; making the transport of paper rolls swift across whole Scandinavia.

Uncompromizing Technology Means More Possibilities

FRANZ VEIT operates out of a philosophy for centralizing production, enabling the best results for customer relation, order handling, production flow and distribution. FRANZ VEIT puts an honor in supplying paperrolls for all needs, from the small quantity of very special rolls for a single customer to the huge quantities for the big supermarket chains. For this purpose FRANZ VEIT operates machinery which ensures flexibility for the minor quantities and efficient production on fully automatic production lines with inline printing in four colors for customized rolls for big retailers.

Corporate Social Responsibility

FRANZ VEIT is a family owned company, where the responsibility to environment, consumers, employees and community plays a prominent part in the business ethics. FRANZ VEIT is complying with all standards and regulations for safe production and safe products in using none hazardous, sustainable produced raw materials. The more than 20.000 m2 factory roof is equipped with a 633 KWP solar power plant, equivalent to a reduction in CO2 emission of 475.000 kgs/year. FRANZ VEIT has among its many employees, some second or third generation in a family, a group of disabled persons, who work in positions tailored to their skills, in a ground-breaking model, which is adopted by other German factories.